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Welcome to I.M. Meditation, the most powerful and entertaining meditation technique based on your internal music!

Meditation Training Opportunities

Are you looking for an entertaining way to balance your emotional world? Then, you need to look at our Online Meditation Training opportunities.

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Our Online Meditation Courses:

I.M. Meditation Instructor Course

Our first online meditation course is live on Udemy!

The purpose of these online meditation courses is to help you learn the I.M. Meditation technique to its fullest. Furthermore, using this knowledge, you can help people walk their own meditation path. Our goal here is to help you become an experienced meditator and not only. Our fundamental purpose is to help you become a skillful I.M. Meditation Instructor and guide you on changing people’s lives.

We are here to help you in this journey with full support. Whether you want to become an Instructor or simply learn the technique for yourself, we are here to guide you step by step and answer all your questions.

Are you excited to join our course? You can find more info at the I.M. Meditation Instructor Course Page or visit our course page directly on Udemy to enroll! We wish you a joyful meditation life!

Our Online Mindfulness Life Coaching Plans:

Do you struggle to find balance in your life? Maybe you need someone to help you walk your meditation path. For example, a meditation coach who will always be beside you guides you correctly. It’s time to start thinking about a Meditation Life Coaching Plan designed especially for you. What do you think about having a personal life coach ready to help you live a peaceful life? If that is the right solution for you, look at our Mindfulness Life Coaching Plans and improve your life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Again, you need to choose one of them only if you are ready to completely transform your life.

About Us:

I.M. Meditation is an entertaining yet powerful way to balance your emotional world. Furthermore, it is a great way to enter the meditation world smoothly. It was designed by Fotis Tampas (De Tao). Fotis is a meditation and music teacher as well. For this reason, I.M. Meditation helps you balance your emotions using the meditating properties of your own internal music. Moreover, you can use this music to become familiar with your hidden inner world. Discover everything about the technique and the creator in the links above.

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