How to choose your meditation place

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Where is the best place to meditate? Does it have to be loud or quiet? Near nature or in a quiet room?

Many people cannot decide where to meditate, so they use this as an excuse not to meditate. You can meditate wherever you are right now and whatever you do. Meditation is everywhere, in every task you do. No matter if it is a workout, reading, walking, having a shower, etc. As you may understand, the place you meditate is not that important. Meditation happens inside you. Your soul, body, and spirit are the place of your meditation. Having this in mind, you can choose to meditate whenever you are right now. It doesn’t matter where you are. You can still meditate.

Now that we have cleared this out. Let’s take a look at the benefits and obstructions of some places.

Some people struggle to concentrate. For that reason, they search for a quiet place with no distractions. When you are a beginner, it might look like a good idea to find a quiet place to meditate, but as you become a more advanced meditator, quiet places don’t offer you many benefits. Mindfulness is something that needs much practice to be achieved. If you always meditate in a quiet place isn’t a big deal. Everyone can concentrate in a quiet area. But meditating in a loud place can train you to stay focused no matter how noisy the environment is. Loud places are where you can prepare your mind to let everything out of it and stay focused on demand. This kind of environment helps you build strong mindfulness. So, if you cannot concentrate, you can choose a quiet place and then add a little noise at a time.

Some people struggle to activate their energy. If you are that person, it is better to choose a place with high energy to meditate. Any site near nature can work for you. The areas with the highest energy are close to the sea, a river, or waterfalls. Sunny places are also very beneficial. Forests are also a good source of energy.

If you cannot go to the wild to meditate, you can simulate nature in your home. Burn a candle made of bee wax in the place you meditate. Bee wax releases anions when it burns, simulating the anions produced by the sea or river. Of course, burn the candle in a safe place. The last thing you want is your house on fire while in a deep meditation state.

If you can’t find a bee wax candle, you can boil a couple of liters of water in a pot and let it in the place you meditate. The boiled water also releases anions that clear the atmosphere and gives you energy. Again, be careful where to put the hot pot. It can damage your furniture in seconds.

Fotis Tampas (De Tao).


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