Music And Emotions

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Music is a potent tool. It can affect your psychology very fast. Remember the last time you listened to a happy song while in a bad mood and got high before the song ended? Or the opposite. Remember the last time you were high, and while listening to a sad song, your psychology dropped suddenly. It is for sure that music plays a massive role in our psychology, and there is a reason for that.

Music has psychoacoustic properties. What does this mean? It means that the way music vibrates can affect our nervous system. Why? Because, in reality, music is a combination of sounds, and sounds are waves. Just like the waves your neurons deliver to your brain. So, you might imagine where it goes. When the waves of sounds produced by music coordinate with the waves delivered from your neurons to your brain, the provided information also carries the music information. If the waves produced by the sounds of music are harmonious, they will improve your psychology. If the waves produced by the sounds of music are disharmonious, your psychology will fall.

The above is a straightforward explanation of how music affects your psychology. The opposite is also true. While trying to produce a song (even a single melody), your psychology plays a massive role in how you build a tune. If your psychology is high, your theme will be harmonious. If your psychology is low, your melody will be disharmonious.

These two facts are what the I.M. Meditation technique uses to help you become mindful of your emotional world and completely transform it into a balanced and joyful world. You don’t need to be a musician to achieve the benefits of music.
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