How to choose your meditation place

Where is the best place to meditate? Does it have to be loud or quiet? Near nature or in a quiet room? Many people cannot decide where to meditate, so they use this as an excuse not to meditate. You can meditate wherever you are right now and whatever you do. Meditation is everywhere, inContinue reading “How to choose your meditation place”

Meditation Postures

In this article, I would like to talk about meditation postures. Many people need clarification when they try to find the proper posture to meditate. In a few words, we can safely say there is no adequate meditation posture. You can meditate at any pose you want. Whatever works for you is the proper meditationContinue reading “Meditation Postures”

Anapanasati – The breathing meditation

One of the most common meditation techniques is “Anapanasati.” In other words: “The Breathing Meditation.” Practicing “Anapanasati” is not that difficult. If you have practiced a lot on becoming present, “Anapanasati” is the next step you can take to go just a step deeper in your meditation practice. “Anapanasati” is when you breathe consciously. NowContinue reading “Anapanasati – The breathing meditation”

How to start your meditation journey

What do we call meditation? Meditation is the conscious observation of the present. What does this mean? It means three things: Many people find it hard to start their meditation journey due to their lack of understanding of these three things: Consciousness, Observation, and Presence. If one of these three is missing, it is hardContinue reading “How to start your meditation journey”