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I.M. Meditation is a brand-new meditation technique. You might have a lot of questions about it. That’s why we have created this page. On this page, we will cover the most frequently asked questions we have received from the supporters of I.M. Meditation. Please take a look at them. If you have any question that is not answered here, please send us your question, and we will respond as soon as possible. You can use the contact form on the Contact page or DM us on social media. Any of the previously referred ways work great for us.

We wish you a joyful life!

Who is I.M. Meditation for?

I.M. Meditation is an art of living. Anyone who has the desire to work for his internal balance and become familiar with his internal world is welcome to practise this technique.

Who ISN’T I.M. Meditation for?

I.M. Meditation is a deep technique that requires a lot of practice. This means that I.M. Meditation is not for people who expect fast solutions. I.M. Meditation is a journey which helps you improve yourself every single day of your life, for the rest of your life.

What is internal melody?

Internal melody is the music that every human can listen to internally. It is the sound of your emotional world. In the I.M. Meditation technique, we work a lot with this internal melody so we can explore and balance our emotional world.

Is it easy to study I.M. Meditation?

I.M. Meditation works with elements that already exist inside you. The only you need to do is to listen to yourself and allow these elements to come to the surface. This makes I.M. Meditation very easy to learn.

Is it easy to teach I.M. Meditation?

I.M. Meditation has been designed in a way so you can learn it, practise it and teach it in the smoothest possible way. Every single step looks like a natural result of the previous one. The only you need to do in order to teach I.M. Meditation is to describe to your students how you feel while practising each technique.

I try hard but I cannot feel any energy moving. Why?

Energy flows inside you all the time. Sometimes more vividly while some others slower. There are also many times or areas that your energy is stuck but in general it always flows. Don’t expect to feel this movement at the first time you practice. Feeling your energy is something which takes time. Keep practising and soon you will feel it. The key here is to relax. The more pressure you put onto yourself to feel your energy the more your energy stacks. Just relax and observe the movement inside you.

Why is so difficult for me to create a melody based on my emotions?

The main reason that creating a melody coming from your emotion looks so difficult, is usually because you think too much about the final result. This puts pressure on you to produce the “right” melody so your unconscious mind gets blank. The key here is again about the energy. Relax and make your energy do the job for you. Don’t push yourself to create any kind of music. Just relax and let it happen. Even if the result doesn’t sound like music, it is still expressed in your emotional world.

Why does always come to my mind the first melody when I try to change it to a positive one?

This is very natural to happen especially when you are a beginner. The emotion that has created that melody is usually very strong and resists in any effort you put in order to change it. Keep trying to change your melody without pushing it too much and try after try it will become easier.

Does my diet affect the results of my meditation experience?

Of course! While meditating (especially when you meditate through I.M. Meditation technique) try to avoid food which is too hard for your stomach to digest because during singing you might experience strong emotions which will cause your food to regress. Furthermore, it is wise to avoid food which uses too much of your energy in order to digest, like meat. You can eat that kind of food after your meditation when you will have enough energy to spend in the digestion procedure. Finally, when singing it is wise to avoid dairy products because they will block your throat making your singing difficult.

When is the right time to meditate?

Whenever you feel it! But if I had to give you some advice I could say that the best time to meditate is right after you wake up. Your body is fresh and can produce enough energy to start your day in a positive note. Later during the day you spend too much energy to your everyday problems so your body becomes more tired. If you meditate right after you wake up you feed yourself with plenty of energy so you do not need to use the rest of your energy to live your day. If you don’t want to do all the procedure at once in the morning you can split it in the three stages and meditate the first stage in the morning, the second some time during your day and the third one at night right before you go to sleep. Whenever you choose to meditate try to do it at least 20 to 30 minutes before any meal or about 2 to 3 hours after a meal. There are two reasons I give you this guide. First because when you eat you spend too much energy to digest your food and is useless to meditate that moment. The second and most important reason is because while meditating you may feel strong emotions which will affect your stomach. You don’t want a full stomach during these emotions.

Can I meditate on a musical instrument instead of my voice?

As long as you are able to feel your music resonate inside your body absolutely yes! You can meditate even only by using your mind without any instrument or your voice. Just keep in mind that some instruments are not able to deliver you their vibrations which are very important for you meditating experience. For example, if you use a piano it is quite difficult to directly deliver to you its vibrations. If that is the case you must perform the music you play internally while playing the piano. Another way to cover this problem is by using the fifth step of the first stage of I.M. Meditation.

Can I meditate through I.M. Meditation the same period that I use another meditation technique?

In my opinion there are two basic meditation categories. The introvert and the extrovert one. By introverts I call meditation which its goal is to make you look deep inside your internal world while by extrovert I call meditation which its goal is to make you move away of your internal world in order to have a clearer view of it. If you meditate at the same time through introvert and an extrovert meditation technique you cannot benefit yourself in any way because the one technique pushes you deeper in your internal world while the other pulls you away. So you will remain stack at the same spot. Or at least you will move towards the strongest meditation but the resistance the other meditation puts on you will delay your progress.

I.M. Meditation is an introvert meditation technique. It tries to help you go deeper and deeper inside your internal world and explore it from inside. So, it is not a good idea to practise I.M. Meditation at the same period you practise an extrovert one. If you want to meditate through I.M. Meditation and an extrovert as well, I suggest to meditate through your extrovert meditation first so you can have a clearer view of yourself and then switch to I.M. Meditation so you can really deepen inside you.

Personally I believe that extrovert meditation techniques are useful only in the beginning just to stay away of yourself for a while so you can release some of the negative energy of the pressure yourself puts on you. After that, an extrovert meditation has nothing to offer you if you really want to deepen inside yourself and face your reality.

I.M. Meditation has been designed in order to help you release your excess energy before you turn yourself towards your internal world. So, we can say that I.M. Meditation is an introvert meditation technique with the benefits of an extrovert as well.

Can I practise these techniques while being in psychotherapy or other mental treatment?

I.M. Meditation, when practised correctly, can improve your therapy in a variety of ways. Your doctor or therapist will inform you, how to use these techniques efficiently, so you improve your mental health.

Can I meditate while taking psychotropic drugs?

This is something that your doctor should answer. I.M. Meditation is a meditating technique that can lead you to very strong experiences. Your doctor knows if you are able to manage the energy coming from these experiences or not. For example: if you take drugs that are responsible for hallucinations your meditating experience can be a very unpleasant experience. Always ask your doctor before making a decision which can affect your therapy.

Is I.M. Meditation dangerous for my mental or physical health?

If you practise every exercise exactly how we describe it here, there is not any danger for your physical or mental health. Although, if you suffer from any health issues, it is always advised to ask your doctor, or any qualified health professional, before start practising the techniques of this website.

Which posture is the best to meditate?

It’s up to you. Choose a posture that makes you feel comfortable for a long time and not overstretched. Personally I prefer sitting posture for my meditation but again, it is up to you.

Can I meditate through my favourite song instead of producing my own melody?

It is very good to meditate while listening to music and I encourage you to do it every time you listen to it. But for I.M. Meditation purposes the melody you meditate must be a product of your emotions at the present moment. A piece of music which has been created by someone else some time in the past doesn’t really express your current emotional state no matter how much you coordinate yourself with this song.

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